Medical Students

Hungerford Medical Centre are an accredited Keele University School of Medicine Teaching Practice and are involved in the training of third and fifth year medical students.  Keele Medical School has an excellent reputation nationally, and we are very proud of our links with them.  There are many advantages of being a Teaching Practice, not least of all that, as Doctors involved in training we need to keep our own knowledge/skills up-to-date and also reflect on our own consulting styles.

One of the main aims of the general practice placement is to improve communication and consultation skills.  With patient consent, students may be sat observing consultations, may take the history themselves and then present their findings to the GP or may video the consultation (purely for teaching purposes, detailed consent taken from patients prior to this and recordings destroyed after the placement), by the time the students reach their final (5th) year they will also be suggesting management plans.  All of this allows the students to identify how well they are doing and also areas where they could improve.  Any history or examination findings or management plans suggested by the students will always be reviewed fully by the responsible GP.

We understand that some problems are of a sensitive nature, and that some patients would prefer not to have a student present – we totally respect and understand this, please don’t ever feel pressurised into having a student present if you don’t feel comfortable with this.

We would like to thank patients for their continued support in helping train the future Doctors of tomorrow, some may even decide to come back and join us at some stage following their experience – Dr Hughes enjoyed a placement at Hungerford as a medical student and Dr Harvey trained here as a GP Registrar!