Our Vision

We want to be a Practice that communicates consistently and effectively with our patients, that communicates with each other internally, and communicates with other healthcare agencies, in order to deliver seamless and inclusive pathways to successful outcomes for all.

These are the contributions to the above written by members of staff

Nurse “Our aim is to provide the highest standards of healthcare for all our patients. To involve patients in decisions. To inform and educate them and to ensure they receive the appropriate treatment and services they require”.

Administrator “Our vision is to provide our patients with a service that shows compassion and care whatever their illness or problem at that particular time, and to keep them fully informed of treatment options and pathways being taken so that they feel included in any decision taken”.

GP “As a practice we want to provide our patients with care and respect. We aim to build excellent communication with patients individually and through the Patient Panel. We aim to build an effective working relationship with all local care providers to enhance General Practice in this area”.

Nurse “I personally believe that both clinicians and patients would benefit from an individual holistic approach to their care. They would, with open discussion, encourage concordance with any treatment they may require and build solid relationships between a health care provider and the patient via excellent communication”.

GP “To be a caring, patient centred, forward thinking practice with sound communication skills central to our ethos. We aim to communicate consistently and effectively with our patients, each other and other healthcare agencies, and in doing so deliver a high standard of healthcare via seamless and inclusive pathways with successful outcomes for all.

Administrator “I want the practice to be a place where people come for help and leave believing that we all care that they are not well and want them to get better, and feeling better physically, or emotionally, or psychologically or all three.

Nurse “We aim to provide a competent, up to date, friendly, accessible, service that sees the patient as an individual with individual needs and support levels.

Nurse “We aim to deliver high quality, holistic care from a professional and well trained team in a happy friendly environment. Our goal is to enable patients to engage in their own care, offering quality care with shared decisions in a timely and considerable manner.